Barney Rattle releases iconic album collection African Storybook of Songs

Barney Rattle has spent the past twenty years recording with musicians from South Africa and across the globe. Through his musical work he has helped bring industry to the South African townships and has played a key role introducing South African music to the western world.

To celebrate two decades of progress, Barney Rattle is now releasing ‘African Storybook of Songs’ – six genre-spanning albums made up of 70 of the best songs produced throughout the 20-year journey.

From South African jazz and reggae through to electronica, house, chill out and funk, ‘African Storybook of Songs’ provides something for everyone – with each album infused with Barney Rattle’s distinct afropop stylings.

The six albums include:

·         African Chill Out

·         African Hustle

·         African Township Funk

With the help of funds raised by the album, Barney and his team will continue their mission to bring South African music to western society. They are planning a series of live shows in the UK early next year, and Barney has also recently been working on a number of film and TV projects about the great music and history of South Africa.

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Having come a long way chasing his art, Skinn has managed to break out of an educational cycle that made him struggle with his creative freedom. He has now reinvented himself by following his instincts and devoting his life to his art by creating some extremely captivating Afrobeat songs.


With his upcoming project ‘Rêves’ the first of a trilogy collection, Skinn is touching upon influences from Nigerian singer songwriters such as D’banj and Wizkid while ultimately making his own very unique Afrobeat sound. His song ‘The Year’ is underpinned by an enticing, as well as melancholic mood emphasised by a powerfully moving beat and reflective lyrics.


The video will be released soon but in the mean time take a listen to the upbeat track 'Menu' from the album here:  https://soundcloud.com/iammrskinn/skinn-menu

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