So Preshus are raising heartbeats with new single release under own label Gemstone Records

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“Jade and Sapphire are paving the way for younger generations to discover music and dance.”

- Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2008 SOUVENIR MAGAZINE -

Sisters Jade and Sapphire of So PreshUS are kicking off a promising future with their R’n’B debut single ‘Heartbeat’.


Having made a name for themselves in their hometown Leicester, the duo’s music has already been well received by BBC Radio Leicester where they were able to sing on air and got interviewed after winning a local music competition.


Ready to embark upon bigger endeavours, So PreshUS are now set to release their catchy R’n’B single ‘Heartbeat’ which draws upon influences ranging from Jazz to Hip Hop.



Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znPx2rsTkN0

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8LB6VrVlUA


Jade and Sapphire are more than just two brilliant singers – the sisters know how to transform their ambition into an entrepreneurial spirit that allows their musical project to grow. Jade explains: “We sing, we rap, we dance and we write our own songs and choreograph our own moves. We have been doing it since we were little.” And as if that isn’t enough, So PreshUS have also launched their own record label Gemstone Records under which they will be releasing their single.


Like so many developing artists, So PreshUS know that making music requires dedication. The band has had days of going hungry in the past only so that they could afford to invest in their musical future. Their ambitions of becoming performers date back to their high school days: “We started asking head teachers if we could organise performances for school assemblies and if we could practice our dances in the classroom. This was around the time we began writing songs in the music block.”


So PreshUS focus on more than one musical genre. The sisters have developed a musical open mindedness that has led them to experiment with an eclectic range of different genres ranging  from dance, dubstep, grime and jazz to funk whilst wrapping it up in a soul/ pop/ R’n’B package which is both unique and powerful.


Having been inspired by Motown singers as well as 80s and 90s souls singers, Jade and Sapphire have started a musical collaboration that stands out. ‘Heartbeat’ is about the emotional rollercoaster that falling in love creates or as the girls put it: “Being head over heels about someone makes your heartbeat so bad, it needs adjusting.”


The single ‘Heartbeat’ is out on 30th April 2016.










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